Study: the first diet that works long-term?

Study: the first diet that works long-term?

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Doctors are developing effective diets to fight obesity

Many people around the world suffer from being overweight or even obese. Affected people often try desperately to lose weight, but not infrequently with little success. Researchers have now developed a safe form of diet that even people with obesity can easily lose weight. What leads to weight loss in people with obesity could also help you achieve your dream weight.

In their current study, scientists from the internationally recognized University of Oxford found that a special diet consisting of soups, shakes and bars effectively leads to weight loss in obesity. The doctors published the results of their study in the "British Medical Journal" (BMJ).

Diet included only 810 calories a day

Replacing normal food with a soup, shake, and bar diet that consumed 810 calories a day provided an effective way to lose weight in subjects with obesity. Through additional regular sessions with a counselor, such a form of nutrition leads to a safe and clinically effective method of treating obesity.

278 subjects were examined for the study

The randomized controlled trial included 278 adults who were severely overweight and interested in losing weight. Participants either received a referral to an overall nutritional program for 24 weeks or were included in their family doctor's weight management program, including advice and weight loss support.

What did the subjects take?

Participants in the new diet program were asked to reduce their calorie intake to 810 calories a day by replacing all foods with special soups, shakes and bars, as well as milk, water and fiber supplements. These nutritionally complete diet products were consumed for eight weeks, followed by a gradual reintroduction of conventional foods over a further four weeks. Participants were invited to attend regular meetings with a trained advisor to develop techniques to help them follow the diet and maintain their weight loss later. From week 12 through week 24, they were encouraged to continue consuming one shake or soup a day to replace a normal meal.

How much weight did the subjects lose in 12 months?

After only 12 months, the participants had lost an average of 10.7 kg, which was 7.2 kg more than the participants in the normal program. Subjects who ate soups and shakes also showed a greater reduction in their risk of developing heart disease, strokes and diabetes. 45 percent of these people achieved a weight loss of ten percent, compared to 15 percent of people in the normal program, the doctors explain.

Was there a so-called yo-yo effect?

“In the past, we were concerned that losing weight quickly for a short time can lead to rapid weight gain, but this study shows that nine months after intensive weight loss, people have lost more than three times as much weight as people who have conventional weight loss Weight loss programs followed, ”said Professor Susan of the University of Oxford in a press release.

Is the new diet program suitable for everyone?

Such new weight loss programs are suitable for most people who are overweight and want to lose that excess weight. However, those suffering from certain diseases or taking certain medications should consult their family doctor before starting such a program in order to rule out possible health problems. The study found no evidence that the new diet program increased the risk of adverse events that affect normal daily life, the scientists add. (as)

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