Psyche: How can men be happy?

Psyche: How can men be happy?

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Men are happy faster!

Find your own happiness - some people search for it all their lives. But what makes us happy? This is quite different for men and women, as a study by US psychologists found. While men don't need much to be happy, it's not that simple for women.

Men are happy when their partner is happy

Football, cars, bar evenings: When asked what makes men happy, many men's magazines or other supposed experts often only find answers with rather limited creativity. With women's magazines, this is usually not much different. As a new study from the United States has now found, it is actually very easy to make men happy. The so-called strong gender experiences happiness when their partners are happy. The results of the investigation were published in the journal "Journal of Marriage and Family".

Data from older couples analyzed

The psychologists came to their conclusions by analyzing the data from almost 400 couples, in which at least one of the partners was older than 60 and the couple had been married on average 39 years. Deborah Carr from Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey and Vicki Freedman from the University of Michigan, together with their colleagues, looked at a report from the "Welt" that looked at how the partners' assessments of each other affect well-being and satisfaction with the Had marriage. For example, it recorded how often partners quarreled, whether they felt valued by each other or whether they could usually understand each other's feelings.

Women often have a greater burden in the relationship

As it turned out, for both genders, those who rated their relationship as very good also considered themselves to be generally happier. However, there was also an effect of partner happiness on one's own happiness, and this differed between men and women. Accordingly, a man was happy with the relationship and life when the partner was satisfied with their marriage. However, the reverse was not true. A man who was satisfied with his marriage did not necessarily have a woman who was happy. According to the scientists, the reason seems to be that women often have a greater burden in the relationship than men.

Happy couples get sick less often

A further analysis showed that the happiness of the woman also suffered significantly when her husband fell ill, which is not uncommon in old age. However, it did not have much of an impact on the husband's happiness if his partner became ill. "We know that women tend to look after their partner when they are sick, which is obviously stressful," said Carr. "But when the woman gets sick, it is often not her husband who takes care of her, but her daughter." As the "Welt" writes, the researchers looked at older couples, because a good relationship is always something nice, becomes particularly important in old age when it comes to health. According to Carr, a good marriage is a good protection factor. Happy partners become less sick and cope better with stressful events.

Positive emotions and zest for life

Various studies have shown that happiness can extend life. So also an evaluation of 160 studies on the topic of happiness and health, which was carried out years ago by researchers from the University of Illinois. A key finding was that positive emotions and zest for life are good for health and extend the lifespan, while stress should be avoided if possible. If women take care of themselves and their needs, according to the current study, this is not only a guarantee of their own happiness, but also that of their husbands. The man, on the other hand, can indirectly strive for his own happiness by paying more attention to what makes his wife happy. Quite simple, actually. (ad)

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