Stretch better before exercising - observe the "PECH" rule after injuries

Stretch better before exercising - observe the

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Expert tips for a permanently moving and healthier life

Lack of exercise and long periods of sitting make you sick. Health experts therefore repeatedly emphasize the importance of regular physical activities for our body. Above all, people who are just starting to exercise again should consider a few tips.

Prevent diseases and reduce weight

Adequate exercise and physical activity help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure. Sport also helps you lose weight and build up your fitness. But if you are just starting your training or are planning to do so, you should consider some sports advice for beginners.

Do not start exercising with excessive motivation

Unfortunately, studies have shown that the majority of Germans live unhealthily and do not exercise enough.

But actually there are always suggestions for sport in everyday life, such as the start of the Bundesliga.

"Anyone who brings more sport into everyday life has already gained a lot in terms of health," says Klaus Möhlendick, sports scientist at Barmer, in a message from the health insurance company.

"However, beginners, in particular, should not be overly motivated to avoid endangering their own health," warns the expert, who has some tips for a permanently moving and healthier life.

Find the right sport

Möhlendick advises people who have not been doing sports for a long time to start their sporting life in a relaxed manner.

The most important point before the first sports lesson is a check with your family doctor. "Beginning sports can use the medical check to ensure that they are not putting excessive or excessive strain on them."

In addition, the doctor can help to set realistic goals. Expectations that were too high quickly led to disillusionment and a premature end to sport.

Last but not least, choosing the right sport also saves you unnecessary costs. “Sport can be done with simple means, you don't need expensive equipment,” says Möhlendick.

"It is more important that running or soccer shoes fit or that a bike is roadworthy and that it is the right size."

Increase load slowly

As the health insurance company announced, it makes sense from a sports medicine point of view to start slowly and to increase the load depending on the progress of the training.

To reduce the risk of injury, there should be thorough stretching and warming up before each session.

Those who still have a little muscle soreness after exercising should not worry much, according to experts, but it is better not to exert themselves too much afterwards.

“PECH” rule helps with healing

But sometimes athletes have bad luck with injuries during training and problems such as cruciate ligament pain, swelling of the knees or even bruises occur.

In such cases, the so-called "PECH" rule can help to accelerate healing.

The Barmer points out that the rule cannot replace medical help, but P for breaks, E for ice for cooling, C for compression and H for high camps help, for example, to combat bruises, strains or stretching.

In addition, it is pointed out that you should dress weatherproof when doing sports outdoors. That means, for example, to walk with headgear in the heat and to compensate for the cold with several layers of clothing.

The weather also affects how much you should drink while exercising. (ad)

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