A little muscle soreness after exercising is a good sign?

A little muscle soreness after exercising is a good sign?

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After exercise: A little muscle soreness is a sign of effective training

Lose weight, do something good for your health and build up your stamina: There are truly enough good reasons for regular training. However, those who struggle with muscle pain after exercising quickly think that they have done something wrong. But don't worry: according to health experts, a little muscle soreness after training is a good sign.

Regular exercise is healthy

Sport is healthy. Regular training sessions can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure or heart attack. Sport also helps you lose weight. However, after particularly intensive runs, strength training in the gym, a strenuous game of volleyball or a long hike in the mountains, there is sometimes sore muscles. Some believe that this is a sign of effective training. But is that really the case?

A normal process

While experts are still not entirely sure about the causes of sore muscles, it is often assumed that the pain arises when individual muscle fibers tear.

According to the head of the Center for Muscle and Bone Research at the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Professor Dieter Felsenberg, this is a completely normal process.

"With every tension something breaks," said the expert, according to a message from the news agency dpa.

However, if the number of torn fibers is greater than normal, the body reacts with an inflammatory reaction to repair the broken parts.

"This inflammation is painful for those affected," said the doctor.

It's best not to exercise every day

One could first of all be satisfied that the training was apparently completed effectively. According to the information, the muscle does not notice from the small injuries that it is too weak - and is growing.

However, you shouldn't overdo it. "If the body is unable to repair the destroyed fibers, the muscle function will be worse than better warned Felsenberg in the dpa report.

In addition, the body needs some time for repair, which is why it is best to exercise every two days instead of daily.

The body needs protein

According to the expert, athletes can also help the muscle a bit. "The body needs proteins to repair it," Felsenberg said.

The doctor therefore recommends eating protein two hours before the training session and one hour after exercising - one gram per kilogram of body weight.

Good sources of protein include milk and milk products.

Fat-free whey, which contains around two percent protein, is ideal. Fish, lean ham, eggs or almonds are also suitable alternatives.

Special powders or foods with extra protein are normally not necessary.

Stretching is not for prevention

Some home remedies for sore muscles also have a good effect. For example, ointments or oils that contain substances that promote blood circulation or herbs have proven their worth.

The opinion that stretching before exercise can prevent sore muscles is now a thing of the past among experts.

There are no scientific studies for this assumption. (ad)

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