This is how herbs and spices achieve their full taste

This is how herbs and spices achieve their full taste

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Cook herbs and spices - the right time is crucial

Many dishes can be flavored with delicious herbs and spices. However, it is often very important when they are added to the food. Because some herbs can lose their aroma through heat, others, on the other hand, only develop their full taste when they are cooked with them.

It depends on the right time

They can hardly be missing in any kitchen: healthy herbs for seasoning refine some dishes. They are often used especially in the Mediterranean diet. Herbs and spices can give a food a special flavor thanks to their aromas. It is crucial, however, that they are added to the food at the right time.

Add to the dishes shortly before serving

"Some herbs quickly lose their aromas in the heat, others only develop their full taste when they are cooked with them," explains Silke Noll, nutrition expert at the Bavarian Consumer Center, in a message.

As a rule of thumb: Tender, fine-leaved herbs such as basil, dill, chives, parsley, chervil, coriander or lemon balm are chopped up shortly before serving and added to the dishes.

In this way, the aroma is retained.

Some herbs only develop their full aroma when they are cooked

Herbs with firm leaves such as thyme, rosemary, oregano, sage, lavender, savory or laurel, on the other hand, are allowed to cook for longer because they only develop their aroma over the course of the cooking time.

Spices such as caraway seeds, cloves and juniper berries only give their full aroma to the food through the longer cooking time.

Saffron, nutmeg, peppers and pepper, on the other hand, are sensitive to heat.

Goods from organic farming or your own garden

Health experts recommend organic goods, because tests have shown that many conventionally produced herbs are often contaminated with pesticides.

If you grow herbs yourself in the garden and don't just want to enjoy them during the harvest, you can also simply preserve them, for example by chopping them and then freezing them in portions.

It can also be used to make delicious - and healthy - herbal oils. (ad)

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