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Cystitis caused by sex is not uncommon - what to do?

Cystitis caused by sex is not uncommon - what to do?

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What does sex have to do with cystitis? Unfortunately a lot. If you take a closer look at the female anatomy, it quickly becomes clear why this is so.

The most common cause of cystitis is Escherichia coli bacteria (also E. coli bacteria). These are usually part of our natural intestinal flora. However, if you get into the urethra of the bladder, it can cause inflammation of the bladder lining. However, the urethra, vagina and rectum in women are very close together. This allows intestinal bacteria to get into the urethra relatively quickly.

Cystitis from sex?

Sexually active women are at higher risk of developing bladder infection. Doctors therefore also speak of honeymoon syndrome or honeymoon cystitis. The reason: Due to sexual intercourse, intestinal bacteria can get from the anal region to the vagina to the urethra of the bladder. Sexual intercourse also mechanically irritates the urethra and vagina, which further accelerates the distribution of pathogens in the genital area.

Prevention tips:

  • After sexual intercourse, you should always empty your bladder to quickly flush out bacteria and pathogens.
  • Hygiene must be the be-all and end-all of both sex partners. Taking a shower before intercourse is stimulating and medically sensible. But don't overdo it: too frequent washing or the use of special intimate washing products can quickly destroy the natural protective acid mantle of the skin and you achieve the opposite: pathogens have an easy job. Warm water and mild detergents are sufficient.
  • As sexually active women who are prone to cystitis, you should make sure that your vaginal colonization is healthy, i.e. acidic. Lactic acid bacteria, also called lactobacilli, ensure this acidic climate. The acid in the vagina is an unfavorable environment for the multiplication of most other germs and therefore represents a very effective natural protection against bacterial attack.
  • You should avoid chemical contraceptives such as sperm-killing suppositories, gels or ointments just as you should not use a diaphragm. If the symptoms persist, you should also discuss alternatives to the spiral with your gynecologist.
  • Condoms, on the other hand, provide double protection: on the one hand against pathogens and on the other hand against an unwanted pregnancy.

Sex with cystitis - is that possible?

Cystitis is very uncomfortable, but basically harmless. However, it spoils most women 's desire to have sex at least for the first few days.

Cystitis is often treated with antibiotics. These not only kill the unwanted bacteria in the urinary tract, but also the lactic acid-producing bacteria in the vagina, making it easier for other germs to nest. This often leads to unpleasant candidiasis (see vaginal thrush). Sexual activity can cause micro-injuries and re-infections. So give the vaginal tract a few days of rest for healing.

Support the healing process

Many sufferers reduce their fluid intake for fear of pain when urinating. That's the wrong way. Instead, you should definitely drink a lot to flush the bacteria out of the bladder. At the same time, you can support the healing process with medicinal plants: especially centaury, lovage root and rosemary leaves are said to have a supporting effect on the urinary tract. The medicinal plants are e.g. also contained in Canephron® N. This is a traditional herbal medicine for the supportive treatment of mild complaints in the context of inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract such as uncomplicated cystitis. (Fs)

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